NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater

newairThe following is a review of the NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater. This is a rugged machine, one that is built to last. It offers enough heat to create a warm and comfortable environment in your regular-sized residential garage unit.

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Why Buy Electric?

Electric garage heaters are more environmentally friendly and safer than oil or propane heaters. They are also more efficient than either of those two alternatives, so they cost less to run. The NewAir G73 has adjustable louvers, so you can direct heat where you want it to go. You are in control of this product, which also has an innovative safety feature which will give customers added peace of mind. Here is a video review of the best features found in this model:

A Safer, More Efficient, More Powerful Electric Heater

The G73 from NewAir is incredibly safe to run. There is one built-in thermostat controlling its temperature. If the machine malfunctions and overheating is a risk, the automatic shut-off will prevent a fire. As a result, you can leave this NewAir product switched on in the garage overnight during the coldest months of the year, when you do not want to be met by arctic temperatures in your garage. You do not have to start the day by entering a car with a steering wheel that is too cold to touch.

Installation: Ceiling or Wall

There are two possible ways to install your NewAir G73. This electric garage heater can be mounted on the ceiling or on a wall. There is a strong bracket built into the product for this very reason, so you can put it up out of the way to deliver heat safely, away from curious hands.

Specifications and Features of the G73

• Hard wired, so there are none of the maintenance problems frequently associated with propane heaters
• Heats the garage with 5,000 watts of power
• Heats an area of five hundred square feet or less
• Louvers are adjustable to direct heat where the customer needs it to go
• Wall- or ceiling-mount design and a swivel bracket so that it can be installed in a spot that is out of the way
• Integrated protection against overheating, thanks to an automatic shut-off component
• Thermostat provides accurate temperature settings
• Energy efficiency
• The NewAir G73 offers environmentally friendly heating to your garage using clean electrical energy instead of expensive and dirty fuels
• Small and light at just 12.5 by 14 by 11.2 inches; weighs only 20 pounds

What Customers Have to Say about the NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater

So far, lists more than thirty reviews for this product. They give the NewAir G73 an average of 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

There are lots of good reviews worth mentioning here. For instance, one customer reports that until he sees his electric bill he has to give his heater five stars. His previous model used propane; a Reddy Heater. It was not at all suitable for the job. The NewAir G73, however, is perfect for what this reviewer needs while also providing clean and quiet heat.

Another reviewer needed to rely on heat for a woodworking shop which measured less than 500 square feet. His Monitor kerosene model was constantly shutting down for no apparent reason. Using wood heat was not a good idea because the space he was using was too small, so he tried the G73 for his Maine woodshop where it has proven to be comfortable and reliable, even during a bitterly cold winter day. His first electricity bill showed that the NewAir model was also cheaper to run than his previous machine. Even when running all day, every day, the total added cost to his electric bill was about $100. This customer was extremely pleased.

Other customers wrote that:

• The NewAir G73 heater raised the temperature of a two-car garage in under an hour
• The output is highly satisfying
• They would recommend the model to anyone

One customer did complain that the NewAir hardly blows hot air at all. The individual in question might have been sent a unit that needed repairs. It appears to be the only one of its kind among a wide assortment of positive reviews from happy customers.


Amazon-Buy-Now-ButtonIt is easy to recommend the G73 from Newair. As an electric heater for a small garage or workshop, it is among the best models on the market today, and is also offered at a good price if consumers visit