Marley BRH402 Electric Garage Heater

One of the most affordable electric garage heaters that provide 13,650 BTUs of heat is none other than the Marley BRH402 Electric Garage Heater. The heat is delivered via the machine’s 4000-watts of power with permanently lubricated motor.

The unit is also built with sturdiness and has a very industrial look that suits in any type of workshop. The machine is also small, which is very handy since it can be attached in room with low ceilings.

Aside from this, the machine also features a thermal safety cut-off device that prevents the unit from overheating. It works very smoothly and quietly and it can satisfyingly provide enough amount of heat in a room.

This wonderful heater can be bought in for a very cheap price.

The Benefits of the Marley BRH402 Electric Garage Heater

The Marley BRH402 electric heater is made to provide heat even in large space or rooms in a short time. It has a maximum of 4000 watts of power and it can provide a maximum heat of 13,650 BTUs. This power is enough to heat an average –sized garage or workshop. This is perfect during winter to help the room well-insulated at a very affordable price.

Provides Proper safety with a Limit Device

The Marley BRH402 Electric Garage Heater has a thermal cut-off device that is very useful to avoid overheating if ever anything goes wrong. The cut-off feature of the machine will automatically shut off the power if ever the room starts to overheat. This prevents accidents and other untoward incidences from happening.

The Wonderful Specs and Features of the Machine

The Marley BRH402 Electric Garage Heater comes with a thermostat that accurately controls the temperature. It has a high temperature limit device that improves safety and cuts down power in case of emergency.

The unit also has a maximum of 4000 watts of power with a maximum heat of 13,650 BTUs. It has a permanently lubricated motor and it has a built in handle and cord storage feature.

The machine also has a 6-foot power cord and the machine unit is measured at 10 ½ by 9 ¾ by 11 inches. It has a total weight of only 17 pounds and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

What do the Customers Say about the Product?

According to the reviews provided on, the Marley BRH402 Electric Garage Heater received 4 stars out of a perfect 5. One of the customers mentioned that he was a little disappointed with the machine since it does not have a fan-speed setting.

However, the customer does not see this as a fault since it was also not mentioned in the item description. The other customer was very happy and satisfied with the benefits of the machine. The customer even said that it deserves 6 or 7 stars.

To know more about the unit, interested buyers can visit to check the latest reviews.

The Summary of the Review

Based on the reviews mentioned above, the machine is very recommendable to people who wants to buy a garage heater. However, the unit still cannot be classified as a strong product since there are still little reviews provided on the Marley garage heater.

Nevertheless, the product has a 5-year warranty and it is also very affordable, which is great news for people who are in a tight budget. The 5-year warranty is also a proof that the manufacturers are very confident that the unit will last for a very long time. All in all, it is still worth the risk to try out the Marley BRH402.