Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Electric Garage Heater

If you are looking for a heater that can warm up your room quickly and efficiently, the Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Electric Garage Heater is an ideal choice for just about any small home or garage.

This model is easily able to push warm air out to a distance of 16 feet. Even a larger space can be warmed up surprisingly quickly and effectively, because of the unit’s over 17,000 BTUs of heat that are generated, and the 5000 watts of power.

Enjoy Maximum Heat

One of the biggest benefits of the Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Electric Garage Heater is its ability to maximize thee output of heat with no additional cost. The unit is designed to prevent overheating, although its design also ensures that the maximum amount of heat possible is provided.

This is all possible because of the fact that the fan does not start until the heating element has become hot enough to provide the hot air. After the heating element has been switched off and has cooled off, the fan continues to operate.

A Small Footprint

The Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Electric Garage Heater is one of the best electric garage heaters if you are trying to heat a small room. It is mounted on the ceiling, making it unobtrusive and out of the way and the unit takes up just over a cubic foot of space, making it ideal if space is at a premium.

Features And Specifications

* Able to push out air to a distance of 16 feet
* The unit has just over 17,000 BTUs of heat and provides 5,000 watts of power.
* The fan does not operate until the the heating element has reached its operating temperature, due to the unit’s automatic fan action delay.
* Fan shuts off only when the heating element has cooled off.
* Thermostat control can be adjusted manually.
* Unit comes with a thermal safety cut off device.
* Unit’s weight is 24 pounds.
* The unit is ideal for smaller rooms, although it will also effectively heat a larger space. The size of the unit is a little over one cubic foot.

Reviews And Scores From Customers

Out of all the electric garage heaters that were surveyed, the Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Electric Garage Heater had the highest score, with 4.5 stars being awarded, out of a possible 5.

In general, the unit was well received and in particular, customers praised the unit’s ability to heat a small workshop or garage, as the following example indicates:

“Not only was the heater able to heat our basement effectively, it was also easy to install. Our basement measures about 1500 square feet, and has sliding glass doors and several windows, and at the time, the temperature was below freezing.

Also, the Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Electric Garage Heater requires the use of just one circuit, making it a much safer option than baseboard or a small space heater. In fact, I feel we would have needed to use several small space heaters in order to do the job as efficiently.

We also used two small five inch fans to circulate the warm air around the edge of the basement, knowing that the unit was not really designed for such a large area. However, we were pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend this 5000 watt heater to others.”

Several customers pointed out that it was a little difficult to set the temperature control to the right setting, as there were no numbers on the dial, and this seems to be a valid observation.

However, that seems to be a minor criticism compared to the overall performance of the Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Electric Garage Heater, and most customers were more than satisfied with the unit’s ability to heat their space.

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For those who are looking for a quality electric garage heater that can heat spaces fast, the Farenheat FUH5-4 is a great choice and highly recommended!

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